Meet Our Graduates

In December 2016, as part of their Graduate Development Scheme, Walker Filtration Limited welcomed three new Graduates to the team. As part of the scheme, Graduates rotate through the company completing placements within each department to grow and develop their skills and build their career within the business.

The training and development offered on the Graduate Scheme is bespoke to the individual, with longer projects focusing on the individual’s area of expertise, and shorter placements in a variety of other departments that allow the graduate to widen their knowledge and gain an understanding of how all aspects of the business function. Read about one such graduate, Hang U Lie, who has just completed her first placement at Walker Filtration, working in the Supply Chain Department.

What did you study before you joined Walker Filtration?

I studied for both my Bachelor’s and Master’s Degree at Newcastle University. For my Undergraduate Degree, I studied Chemical Engineering and then pursued my Master’s Degree in Operations, Logistics and Supply Chain Management.

What was it that attracted you to Walker Filtration?

The Graduate Scheme advertised the opportunity to learn about the business as a whole, and spend time in different departments – allowing me to gain knowledge and understanding of all aspects of the business. This attracted me to the company as a rotational scheme such as this would allow me to work alongside those with skills and expertise in a wide variety of areas of the business, and provide me with the opportunity to be involved with a diverse range of projects across the company. I feel Walker Filtration’s ambitious plans for future growth and company development align with my career objectives, giving me the opportunity to grow and further develop my own professional expertise.

What have you been working on for the past three months?

For the past three months I have been working within Supply Chain Management for my first placement within the business. As well as learning about supply chain strategies and developing an understanding of how this is aligned with the goals of the business, the project gave me the opportunity to work alongside a cross-functional team, and develop relationships with a number of our suppliers.

What have been the main challenges?

The company is highly customer-focused and innovation led.We are always striving to meet and exceed customer needs , hence Walker Filtration can be very fast paced – which has been challenging to adapt to. However, the sense of achievement when overcoming these challenges, and meeting a customer’s requirements is very fulfilling and rewarding.

What are you looking forward to on the Graduate Scheme?

I am really excited about having the opportunity to work within various departments, and take on projects that contribute to the wider organisational goals of the company. I am also really excited about the endless opportunities for development that Walker Filtration offers us on the Graduate Scheme.

What about the training and development?

The scope for training and development is vast. As well as working with and being trained by individual members within the department, I have also had the opportunity to go on supplier visits, coordinate a project integral to a new product launch, and participate in training on Microsoft Projects – a software package I previously hadn’t used.

What about the culture?

As a family-run business, Walker Filtration is a workplace where there is a strong sense of community within the business, everyone works together effectively and all members of staff have shown me a lot of support during this early stage in my career.

Where do you see yourself in two years, after finishing the graduate development scheme?

Upon completion of the graduate scheme, I see myself working as a Project Engineer working upon a wide range of projects that would enable me to use my technical expertise, and take part in the growth and development of the company. I also hope there will be opportunities for me in the future to develop my managerial skills and become a leader within the company.

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