Meet Our Graduates

In December 2016 Walker Filtration Limited welcomed three new graduates to the company as part of our Graduate Development Scheme.

Annah Baines, who has now been with the company for six months, shares her experiences of the Company and Graduate Scheme so far.

What did you study before you joined Walker Filtration?

I studied for my Bachelor’s Degree in English Literature at Newcastle University and graduated in 2015. Knowing I wanted to follow a career in a business setting, I realised I would need more knowledge and experience, and I decided to pursue a master’s degree in Management at Durham University to give me a stronger understanding of business management.

What was it that attracted you to Walker Filtration?

When searching for a suitable graduate position Walker Filtration stood out immediately. As a business operating on a global scale, their headquarters are in Washington, Tyne and Wear – providing an opportunity to work in an international business right here in the heart of the North East. When I researched the company further, I discovered that Walker Filtration are a family run business and their passion for the North East is apparent in their investment in the local community and people – a big draw as I’m from the local area myself. This investment in people, and having the opportunity to learn and work directly with Lianne, definitely attracted me to the company as it shows the family’s dedication to the business and focus upon employee’s personal development.

What did your first company placement involve?

Since January I have been working as part of the marketing team, focusing on the company’s new product launches. It has been and exciting time to join the company, and provided me with the opportunity to take ownership of a major project – implementing a brand new product microsite. My first placement has been very busy, with lots of hard work – but this has enabled me to really expand my skills and provided me with invaluable knowledge of product marketing.

What other activities have you been involved with?

I have also been involved with a number of projects involving marketing support and communications. Prior to joining Walker Filtration I had studied English Literature in my undergraduate, so my writing and analytical skills proved useful as I was able to support in content writing for press releases, product literature and a new microsite.

What have been the main challenges?

The main challenges have been working in such a fast-paced environment with tight deadlines to ensure we meet customer demand. Additionally, being involved in major product launches means I am constantly being challenged to learn about the products quickly and extend my knowledge on a daily basis. However, I believe that working in the marketing department during several product launches, and during such a busy period, has enabled me to expand my product knowledge faster than I would have in another role – or during a time when product launches were not a focus.

What else are you looking forward to on the Graduate Scheme?

I am most looking forward to having the opportunity to move around the business, extend my knowledge of the different areas of business that I studied during my masters, and understand how each department functions to ensure the company is continuing to grow and be successful.

Where do you see yourself in two years, after finishing the Graduate Development Scheme?

Upon completion of the Graduate Scheme, I see myself working in sales and marketing on new product development – working to promote product to customers and prospective customers. Although, I am keen to learn about other areas of the business – and I may change my mind about where I’d like to be in two years once I have spent more time in different departments!

Finally, what is the best thing about working at Walker Filtration?

It has to be the on-site gym. I am a fitness fan and the opportunity to go straight from my desk to the gym after work is a huge bonus.

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